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Executive Summary

Estate Wise a real estate agency based out of Phase 6 DHA Lahore was having trouble generating business through traditional marketing channels. Channels that has bore fruit previously but were totally useless in the contemporary digital world we live in.

Digital Ablaze with its exceptional digital marketing insights helped Estate Wise reinvent their business and land more and more clients.

200 %
Deals Closed
1500 %
Web Traffic
400 %
Qualified Leads

The problem was Estate Wise¬†was living in the past, Estate Wise was trying to employ yesterdays marketing methodologies in today’s world and was failing miserably in doing so.

Just before contacting Digital Ablaze, Estate Wise ran a marketing campaign worth more than two hundred thousand but unfortunately failed to achieve any results. Dwindling economy and imposition of hefty taxes imposed by the government was chosen as a scapegoat.

Estate Wise was not only loosing business it was loosing hope. A business that survived and thrived for over a decade had reached a dead end.

Traditional Marketing Approaches 0
Walk-in Customers 0

Digital Ablaze conducted a series of interviews and brainstorming sessions with the Estate Wise team. The first and foremost thing Digital Ablaze did was to define the target market and then segment it based on various variables respective to the business.

Digital Ablaze created at least 10 personas for the ideal customers and then worked on a strategic marketing plan to target these personas. Lean and Agile Marketing methodologies were adopted from the very beginning, validating hypothesis along the way paving the path for validated learning and optimized targeting campaigns.


A series of brainstorming sessions and meetings were conducted


Target market was segmented and personas were created.

Strategic Planning

A strategic plan was made developed to leverage digital media marketing.

Lean & Agile Marketing

A continuous loop of validated learning was put in place optimizing and re-targeting digital marketing efforts.

A responsive website was created for Estate Wise which can be viewed here:

Not only that presence on all social media outlets was created, social networks include:

Ability to add listings to the website was a requirement from day one, a specially crafted listing page went through the UX to UI to Development pipeline which included features like:

  1. Photos
  2. Video
  3. Description
  4. Similar Listings
  5. Location Map
  6. Nearby Amenities
  7. Listing Agent

Etc to make listings more appealing and accessible. A sample listing can be browsed here


With that a content strategy was also devised and viral content was created on purpose which created a network effect and helped spread the brand name further. Various blog posts were written from satirical accounts to detailed real estate investment strategies and advice.

Search Engine Optimization was given the front seat in development of content strategy, certain keywords were chosen and content was created around them. Helping Estate Wise in long run as organic traffic started to built up and is gaining in numbers everyday.

Various ads were A/B tested and optimized on different platforms, winners were chosen and optimized on all platforms bringing down the ad costs and improving paid campaign costs.

Occasional posts were also created to cater to the local market.

Carousel ads were also designed and tested on Facebook, which surprisingly proved to me the most effective ads. All of our campaigns on Facebook ad network got a relevance score of at least 8 out of 10, with some posts getting 10 out 10 suggesting that our targeting and ad costs were up to the mark and addressed the right market. Consequently costing less while providing maximum reach.

Some of the ad campaigns were so successful that the phones didn't stop ringing all day.

The results were nothing but exceptional Estate Wise saw an instant jump in business activity which has been keeping their staff extremely busy.

Estate Wise was able to close more deals in last 3 months than it did it in previous 3 years combined. Inbound calls have increased at least by a factor 10, foot traffic has also increase a lot.

The partnership between Estate Wise and Digital Ablaze helped Estate Wise reach new heights they thought were not possible before. The numbers showed strong inclination, the staff became happy as more and more business started flowing in.

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